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     Ask me if I am an artist and I will say no. I am not just an artist, I am an art and technology enthusiast. Art and technology are two things that go hand in hand. Superb technology depends on smart utilization of design elements, which can only be implemented with a clear understanding of artistic principles. As technology evolves, new mediums of art are created and thus art is also given limitless opportunities to transform. The overarching goal of my works is to reveal the intricacies of both art and technology. More importantly, I aspire to translate traditional art into technological forms through innovative means. After all, technology is now the upcoming universal language.


     Traditional art will always be one of my first loves, but admiration for technology has undoubtedly carved itself a home within me. I grew up creating countless paintings and drawing masterpieces on my bedroom floor. Now, you can also find me tinkering with code or an editing program on my laptop in the same spot. Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, the heart of high-tech companies and innovation, I was predisposed to a forward-thinking mindset and constantly surrounded by news of advancing technologies. This only complemented the high drive I had for learning new skills, like programming and 3D modeling. These skills not only would allow me to be savvier with electronics, but also a tech expert, which in the long term would help secure my home in the Silicon Valley. I tackled the chance to expand my toolset beyond traditional art as I began my college career at the University of California, San Diego as an Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts major. I also added minors in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Here, I dabbled with a variety of topics like videography and app design, as well as utilized contemporary media like 3D printers and virtual reality equipment. With the extensive experiences I have had with art and technology, I realize that my creative   possibilities are limitless when uniting the two things I love.


     The focus of my works, however, predominantly express my personality and the inspirations I find. The pieces begin with a final goal in mind, and there is a significant importance placed on details. This is expressive of the process of tattoos and tattoo designs, which is what I consider one of the biggest sources of my inspiration. The intricate combination of well-defined lines and shapes never fails to mesmerize my eyes. However, I cannot claim this to be such a colossal influence on my work without having gone through the process myself. It is true; I have employed my body as a natural canvas for the purposes of art. The repetitive painful pricks that accumulated to become my first tattoo only reinforced the appreciation I had for traditional artistic trades, especially fine line drawings. Yet, it does not hinder me from hacking a 3D-printer into a hands-free tattooing device.


     As I continue to explore the capabilities of art and technology, you can count on me to push the limits of both. I truly believe that the futures of the two are immensely shaped by how far humankind can rise beyond the norm. With the works I create, I hope to reach out to others in such a way that they too realize the myriad of prospects that come with understanding the combination of art and technology. There is especially an emphasis on the importance of technology since it is exponentially increasing as well as evolving. By embracing this, humankind can keep up with or even surpass its lightning speed of innovation. Surely anything is possible, and the only limit is one’s imagination. Keep an eye on my works and me to take a glimpse into what may be the future.

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