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Draw on Kim

Android Application
Fall 2015

Timeline: 2 Weeks
My Role: Back-end/Front-end Developer
Tools: Android Studio

Methods: Design Critiques

     This project began from a silly midterm project. I was just familiarizing myself with Android Studio, an development tool, and started off with a tutorial for a drawing app. But seeing as that wasn’t unique and being limited on time, Kim Kardashian somehow made an appearance and became the spotlight of my app. The concept of “Draw On Kim” definitely evolved after in-class critiques and I ended up added more functions to the app to make it more complete. Users now have a lot more choices- such as the ability to choose different Kim’s to draw on, and the addition of the Kanye face stamp which allows Kanye to assert his presence with Kim (like how it is in real life). 

    This app may not serve to be as useful as some other apps that exist, but it does provide entertainment and I would consider it a novelty app commenting on culture that exists in the present. I play with the ideas surround Kim Kardashian, Kanye, and ultimately “Kimye” because these figures play such a big role in our lives today. This app clearly reflects the mainstream media and the current age we live in, especially as I impose Kanye into my original “just-Kim” app and the fact that I actually made an app revolving around Kim and Kayne (not that there haven’t been popular apps about them already). I find it to be a fun and an adequate representation of the world we live in now (like if someone was to discover this app centuries later, they would be able to understand certain aspects of lives).

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