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Compiled by Stephen Wilson, Art Professor at San Francisco State University, this site is a collection of hundreds of artists' work which are all conveniently organized by various topics the art addresses (such as Biology, Electronics, Motion, Touch, Algorithms, etc.). It is perfect for finding inspiration or discovering the crazy art projects that are out there.

The Art Catalyst is a UK art organization that showcases a variety of art projects which experimentally and critically engages with science. Their goal is to "produce provocative, playful, risk-taking projects to spark dynamic conversations about our changing world."

This graphic design blog features designers, studios, links, and resources that would be tremendously useful for any individual with an interest in design. There are countless examples of visually pleasing works and upcoming trends as well as helpful tips.

Discover one of my biggest inspirations, Wendy Ortiz, and browse her creations. She is a self-taught mixed media artist which produces works that often reflect thoughtful melancholy in feminine form. I admire her attention to detail as well as employment of colors. 

View a collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials on this open channel to the design community. Especially useful is the "Daily Inspiration" posts which are sure to spark ones imagination.

A design blog which brings its viewers "carefully picked high quality inspiration" from worldwide designers and design studios, with an emphasis on young designers and students. It holds a hefty archive of different types of designs ranging from animation to typography and fashion.

A blog which features a constantly updated collection of user-submitted tattoos which are great to take notes from.

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