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Mobile app prototype
February 2018

Timeline: 1 Week
My Role: User Researcher, UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer
Tools: Sketch, InVision
Methods: User Persona, Competitive Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, Wireframing

What do you do when your company relies heavily on the work of sales consultants to close sales? You find a way to make their process easier!


     In the age of the modern world, a smartphone is a staple to many.  Why not leverage this to increase the efficiency of sales consultants? Exsell is a concise mobile app that is jam-packed with many features to help sales consultants truly excel. 


Exsell allows users to:

  • View full itineraries, complete with a timeline showing transit times

  • Choose among various travel options between destinations

  • View a map with current and potential clients

  • Assess client's relative value and relevance score in one look

  • Seamlessly contact clients and set up meetings


     I was tasked with building a prototype of this app within a span of one week. The biggest challenge for me was finding a way to show the two client values effectively on the map and the time constraint. However, by spending time researching the user and doing competitive analysis, I was able to prioritize the main functionality to complete the project.


     Below are some snippets my process. Feel free to dive deeper into the project by exploring the PDF at the bottom- this explains my process and each screen in detail. 


View the interactive prototype here.

Preparatory notes and sketches:

PDF of process:

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