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Word Play Art Gallery

senior thesis media project
winter - spring 2017

Timeline: 6 Months
My Role: Visual Designer, Back-end/front-end Developer
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, HTC Vive (Tilt Brush), Vuforia, Unity, Android Studio

Technology is ever-present today and society is so attached to their personal devices. Why not make art for it?


     Word Play ARt Gallery: an augmented reality art gallery for visitors to experience a unique interaction with art and their personal mobile devices. Visitors will only be able to view and enjoy the art with their phones, which prevents them from documenting their unique experience in the gallery.


     This one-person project resulted in an Android app specifically tailored for a physical space called the "ARt Gallery". (iOS for the future due to time constraints and iOS app exclusivity.) The project overall helped me understand the logistics of creating a gallery, such as the curation practices and allowed me to practice with a variety of programs. The technologies I utilized to complete this project included: the HTC Vive (to use Tilt Brush to create 3D assets), Vuforia (for image recognition), Unity, and Android Studio.


     The video below shows how it works and what would be seen on a user's screen when the image target is recognized. The Android APK (to be installed through the APK Installer) can be downloaded (to be used on the image targets below) here:

Image Targets:​
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