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Micro Focus

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January 2018 - June 2019

This is a collection of some of my work at Micro Focus. Since this is a brief overview of the projects, my design process will not be thoroughly detailed. Please contact me for project walk-throughs or browse my other projects which have outlined design processes.


As part of the Digital Center of Excellence at Micro Focus, I work in an agile environment to ultimately improve the marketing team's leads and sales through enhanced user experiences for customers. The projects range from small additions to existing web pages to big overhauls of full pages across Micro Focus's various web products. 

MIcro Focus Marketplace homepage redesign

The old Micro Focus Marketplace homepage (left) garnered complaints from the listed business units because they were not equal in placement (Arcsight was at the top while Fortify was at the bottom).


The redesign of the unified marketplace homepage allows for all business units to be equally important. User experience is enhanced as a global search is pulled to the forefront and the "Product A-Z" is no longer on a different tab.


I worked with a fellow designer on the team to brainstorm the initial idea and also tried my hand at creating a prototype in Webflow to test out interactions. The design was then further refined and I owned the design of the auto-suggest search bar.

Autosuggest Drop-down Copy.jpg
Redesign results:
marketplace homepage results
MIcro Focus Partner Portal Design

The Micro Focus Partner Portal is an internal facing web product for Micro Focus partners. There was a need for design as the portal had to be built bottom up with Salesforce Lightning and had integrations of other different programs. Within 1 month, another designer and I created 12+ template mockups to be used as a base for the 60+ pages the portal required.


We had daily stand-up meetings with remote stakeholders and kept on the project on track with consideration of a tight deadline. The designs have just been approved and we are now in the process of QA.

Below are some design solutions we found to address the needs of the stakeholders (as some elements were constrained by Salesforce).

Product Group Subpage
Pricing Guide Subpage
MIcro Focus Homepage redesign exploration

The existing homepage (left) was about a year old and needed an update. Two other designers and I created various redesigns from scratch based off of a loose wireframe within 1.5 weeks. After design critiques amongst the team and with stakeholders, we moved forward with the best components of each design.

homepage wireframe
Homepage Ideas
homepage draft
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